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Providing you with the skills that can advance your career and enrich your personal life.

1:1 Coaching

Anyone who wishes to enhance their day-to-day language skills will find this course to be suitable for their needs.

This course works best with those with standard working hours but want structured classes a few times a week. 

Course includes development in: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

Level testing will be conducted during initial consultation to match you with the best coach for you.

[Sample schedule: 1 hour session/ 2-3 days a week)

Virtual Communication

We firmly believe that constant practice is key to improving your language skills.

This is for the truly busy yet highly driven clients who want to make the most of their time. 

We offer 15 minute conversations on a daily basis where you speak with our coaches and get consistent practice. 

Course includes development in: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

[Schedule: 15 minutes/day](weekly/biweekly/monthly)

Intensive Language Preparation

I.L.P. is ideal for those with time constraints but have important goals to meet: giving presentations, taking examinations, participating in seminars.

Working extensively with one of our coaches will prepare you to perform at your best in the limited time you have.

Career Development

This course is for those who wish to advance in their current field of expertise, are up for a promotion, or want to change career paths.

We aim to help you achieve your career goals. Our consultants will work alongside you in advancing career through resume building and enhancing your interview skills. 

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